Developing the 9elements Way

For years, I’ve used my MBP hooked up to a 24″ external monitor, with my laptop closed and an extension keyboard.  However, I recently went back to the amazing site run by German web development firm, 9elements.

After watching their cool looped video (yes, in Flash!) I noticed something surprising: most of them code directly on their laptops with no external monitors attached (or at least not used). Seeing this work environment, I tried disconnecting my MBP and using it without an external monitor. I’ve found I’m just as productive now that I’ve set up Spaces correctly. Here’s the setup which works for me:

  • Space 1: Firefox and Safari
  • Space 2: Textmate
  • Space 3: Terminal (and sometimes Transmit)
  • Space 4: iTunes

It took a little getting used to at first, but now that I’m using this setup, it’s nice because when I’m mobile, I’m in my normal work setup wherever I go. I know some developers (and especially designers) like to use large external monitors hooked up with open laptops, but I’m starting to like my new setup.

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