Introducing SoundCloud-Powered Multi-Track WebApp, “Sessian”

Here’s a quick look at something I’m building with the SoundCloud developer tools.

Now, I’m sure this type of app has been done a thousand times…but I thought other devs might like to see what’s possible with the tools and phenomenal support SoundCloud provides.

Sessian is a browser-based multi-track app that uses SoundCloud embedded tracks as its foundation. Still in its early stages, I wanted to make web-based multi-tracking as simple as possible. I thought, “Why not stack SoundCloud tracks and time-sync them with recording? It might be an easy way to collaborate on rough mixes and ideas.” No fancy effects, editing or any advanced features. Just clean and minimal.

Scratchin’ My Own Itch

I’m building Sessian for myself. Why? The answer is simple. You see, I lived in L.A. for many years and miss jamming with my friends. Sessian will allow me to collaborate with them again – long-distance through a web browser. But others can use it, too.

Here’s how it’ll work: I’ll create a new session and start with a drum track. My buddy, Anthony, will add a bass line and rhythm guitar track in L.A. Then I’ll log back on and record one of my blistering, face-melting guitar solos (“Raise your goblets of rock!”). Finally, Paul in Michigan will add his vocals.

Since Sessian is web-based, anybody with a SoundCloud account can join in. Maybe somebody halfway across the world plays a mean set of keys. How cool would it be to log on and discover three or four fresh tracks from random people all over the globe? (The sessian “owner” could choose to keep them in the final mix or not.)

How It Works

Sessian accepts audio two ways: First, by dragging and dropping existing tracks from SoundCloud (as you’ll see in the screencast). Second, by recording straight in (I use an M-Audio FastTrack Pro USB audio interface). I’m looking at Johannes Wagener’s RecButton code for the recording and uploading of tracks. I’m going to bind a jQuery event to the “Record” button which will trigger the tracks to play and start recording audio.

Will this app replace ProTools or Logic? No. It’s designed for rough mixes and jamming. It’s a sketch pad. But everybody has a browser so it’s accessible to everyone.

Another Use Case

Here’s a cool use case. Let’s say you’re in a band. You tell your fans, “Hey, I’m jumping on Sessian and starting my new song. I’m going to lay down four new tracks as a starting point. Join me by laying down your best track and I’ll “audition” it. If it’s good, we’ll let the other fans loose to upvote the tracks they think are best.” You’ll end up with a few kickass crowd-sourced songs to really help you connect with your fan base and create a lot of excitement.

Whatever. The point is…it could be a fun, simple way to collaborate in almost real time.

Go fullscreen with this baby and bump up the resolution to 720p. Looks way better.

Peace. Chris

P.S. – That’s not me singing. It’s the Apple demo track from GarageBand. :)


  1. Gonzalo says:

    Hey, that looks like a very interesting project. What’s the staus? I went to but couldn’t login (a new window opens and closes).

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Chris. How can I get a copy of this. I need it for my mixing website. I saw it on the Rode website and loved it.

    Are you through developing it yet?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    Kevin Ward

  3. Kai says:

    Been looking for something like this to teach people about indonesian music. I recorded a ton of it, at, then remixed it with half of athens ga (website). this would be an incredible way to show the folks what of the original material is in the songs.

    it’s a long story, but a cool one. when do you think yr gonna roll this out?

    Peace, Kai Riedl